Optimizing Glo Malabanan: A Plumbing & Shipponing SEO Success Story

The Client

Glo Malabanan

Glo Malabanan is one of the most professional and trusted siphoning and plumbing companies in the Philippines with over 32 years experience in the industry. They provide 24/7 professional plumbing services in Metro Manila and in other provincial areas.

The Challenge

Glo Malabanan is a business that exists for over 32 years that navigates the internet using a free hosting website. They are spending a high amount of budget for advertisement to be seen on the first and the top page of Google but not visible in any organic search pages.

The challenge in Glo Malabanan website is to help them rank in organic search using their very own new website without spending in advertising and to outrank existing malabanan businesses ruling Google Search result. 


  • Be on the first page of Google Search results in Malabanan keywords.

  • Outrank competitors existing business websites ruling the first page of Google results.

  • Reach a wider audience who may need Glo Malabanan Services in Metro Manila and other provincial locations.

  • Convert website traffic into sales.

The Solutions


We work with Glo Malabanan’s website since July of 2019. They used a free hosting website with unorganized content and pages for years and setting up their new develop website became our first priority. Our campaign starts with keyword research to analyze what keywords their customers are using in search for malabanan services and competitors’ research to know whose malabanan website businesses are on the top rank of Google. Content is a must when it comes to websites, and that’s what we focus more with their services and target location pages. After that, we fixed the errors on On-page SEO, website adjustment, metadata and other onsite issues which we’re still continuing to monitor. For Off-page SEO, we research Glo Malabanan’s backlinks while continuing the link prospecting and business listings. To achieve Glo Malabanan’s objectives, we do weekly KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and target keywords monitoring to see how the website progress in organic search and rank in Google search results.


The Results

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