To and Fro Digital Marketing Solutions and Arrow Up Media Team Building and Company outing.

Engaging and building trust with two different companies with one goal for digital marketing solutions

There’s no perfect season to relax and escape from exhausting days in the office, but to spend time on the beach and have a short vacation before the summer ends. Taking a break in the meantime is necessary to focus our minds and recharge once again before hitting pending deadlines. Good thing, we’re located in the heart of Oriental Mindoro, where many hidden beaches are available to spend our 2019 Team building and Outing as a family in To and Fro Digital Marketing Solutions and Arrow Up Media.

Everyone was amazed from the natural and beautiful view of Mindoro’s mountain and nearby sea view. Truly, Philippines are so blessed with mother nature’s gift as well as our beloved Oriental Mindoro Province

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Three hours travel from the office, we reach our destination in Bulalacao Oriental Mindoro. We spent our first day at Nicole Island’s View Resort. It’s a resort at the top of the mountain along the road with a magical view of not just one but more than 4 islands surrounding Bulalacao Municipality. After taking a rest, we joined together to eat our prepared meryenda (snacks), and gathered to start our Team building Activity. We’re divided into three groups – Red, Green and Yellow Team. All three groups competed in Amazing Race consisting of Seven different games per stations such as treasure Hunting, Puzzle Game (Blindfolded), Puddle Jumper, Hula Hoop Pass, Domino Effect, Pyramid Cups and Get the Flag. The whole activity left us a lesson: teamwork and sportsmanship. After that, we continue to celebrate as we gathered for Boodle Fight Dinner. And after dinner, we take the time to get real with everyone, sharing stories and continue having fun with food. We have built another time and memories that helped everyone felt that we are strong as one family in To and Fro Digital Marketing Solutions.

Next day, the whole team goes to Pacanil Beach which is also located in Bulalacao Oriental Mindoro. We roamed around the beach, do selfies and groupies, swim and continue having fun before we gather for another Boodle Fight. It’s such a wonderful experience for everyone to enjoy two days together and see the beautiful scenery that our beloved province could offer. After that, we prepared ourselves as we leave the beautiful place of Bulalacao.

Two days are indeed such a short period of time. But the memories we had together will always be remembered.