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Web Development Process

Web Development Process

Web Development Process

One of the most common question we have in our mind when it comes to website development is that: ” How long will it take to design and develop a website and how much will it cost.” Well, of course the answer to that questions vary dramatically depending on the size, content, scope and function of the website. Our company used to design and develop a website within a span of 1 to 2 months, when absolutely required, while others take up to 2 to 4 months depending on the content and size of the site. In all cases, it is important for developers to establish goals and follow a timeline before embarking on a project, as this keeps the team focused, facilitate planning and ensures that the final results are delivered on time.

Here are some list of outlines involved in creating a website. Each list / stages should be given a set, length of time that corresponds to its size and requirements of each project.

  • First step Planning and Discovery ( 2 to 6 weeks )

This phase is the foundation, in which the entire website has been planned and developed. It involves all information that was gathered for the website, things are discussed and documented. Discovery phase is also an important step because it gives a clear understanding of the whole development process.

  • Designing ( 3 to 7 weeks )

Once the research and planning are done, the project is ready to move on to the designing stage. The designing phase involves all the data gathered that will be use by the designer as a guideline in making and developing the layout of the website.

  • Content writing ( 5 to 15 weeks )

This phase is the most important and shall not be underestimated. You must necessarily put in your writings, the very essence of how would you communicate to audience who will probably visit your website. It involves creating catching headlines etc.

  • Development and programming (7 to 14 weeks)

In this step you can finally start creating the website with the use of the design you made in your designing stage. Usually, the homepage is created first and so on.

  • Launching ( 1 day )

Once the development stage is done and 100% working, it’s time to plan and execute your site launch by uploading your website in your server.

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