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Take advantage of SEO during Covid-19 Pandemic

Take advantage of SEO during Covid-19 Pandemic

This covid-19 pandemic became the highlight of our 2020, that changed the lives of many people all around the world. Sadly, this virus from China killed a lot of people and flipped our lives upside down in just a short period of time.

Whether you are an employee or an owner of your own company, have a small or big business, and whatever industry you are in – we are all affected by this pandemic. So, whether we like it or not, we need to adapt to this sudden “New Normal” change.

How to take advantage of SEO during Covid-19

Take full advantage of the situation! Search engines are always available for user searches, meaning you can still continue improving your website online presence amidst this crisis. Here are some interesting SEO strategies to consider to build a strong SEO during Covid-19.

  • Discover your target Audience Search
    • It is important to remain active despite what is happening. Due to this global pandemic, more people are staying at home, which results in more online searches. This could mean that more of your potential customers are active online. Stay updated on what people are searching these days, choose the right keywords and find ways how to use it to your website. Top searches today include shopping, deliveries, medical supplies and more.
  • Create Covid – 19 Page
    • Add a new website page specific about Covid-19 and use top search and relevant keywords. Adding this page to your website helps your audience stay updated on what’s going on in your company/business. You can also express your concern to your customers and employees by adding a personal message to this page about the pandemic.
  • Write useful content
    • This is the perfect time to improve and invest in your website content. Write for your audience and publish informative content about your product, services or any relevant topic for your company. You can also deliver your content by adding infographics, videos and useful content formats like guide, tips and how-to’s blogs. Don’t forget to use top search and relevant keywords.
  • Local SEO
    • People nowadays are looking for the services available near them. So this is the right time to prioritize your Local SEO to effectively market your local business online. Update your Google My Business profile and keep your local citations up-to-date and consistent as possible. You can also add relevant posts to your GMB page about your company such as news, changes in your business hours and promotion.

Focusing on your SEO today will help your website in the long run and it is a cost effective strategy to help your business even during this pandemic.

That’s why To and Fro Digital Marketing Solution is here to help you! 

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We wish you and your family good health and are looking forward to help you make the best of this situation.

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